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Michael Baddley-Age 16-Kennewick WA

The Big One That Bit Off More Than He Could Chew! - 7/15/01

I hooked a huge fish with two witnesses. He fought me good and spooled me a couple hundred feet. He leaped out of the air at the rapids and one of the two witnesses in a passing row boat yelled...
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Austin Lowder-Fishing Guide - 11/21/06

Two very different rivers come together below the ranch forming what we call the Lower Gallatin. The Lower Gallatin is a unique floating river and is home to some of the biggest fish in the state. These fish make their way upstream at different times of year right into Twin River Ranch. Spring and fall on the ranch offer a good chance for the fish of a lifetime. I can say without hesitation that the fishing opportunities here are second to none.
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Robert Strayton - 12/18/06

The East Gallatin offers excellent fishing opportunities that come with several substantial challenges...Several miles of premiere private water is accessible to anglers who wish to rent one of the several fishing cottages and lodge at the Twin Rivers Ranch.
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Ken Jacobs - 3/24/10

I fished for three hours and sometimes just stepped back to admire the awesome panorama of the cabins and river totally surrounded by three snow covered mountain ranges. What a great way to recharge my battery.
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