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Montana Horses For Sale

At Twin Rivers Ranch......We're the Ride!

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The Montana Tennessee Walking Horse is the ideal trail horse. It has impressed the west with its docile temperament and smooth easy gaits. These quality characteristics have caused this breed to be in great demand all across the country. It serves nobly as an English or Western pleasure mount and has taken the young, the aged, the timid, as well as experienced riders along pleasant paths and scenic trails for hours and hours of horseback riding adventures.

Montana Horses for Sale. Twin Rivers Ranch specializes in matching a horse to your needs in size, age, and ability. Horses are just as diverse as the people who ride them and we believe finding the right match is a key element to a establishing a lifelong relationship between horse and rider. Show or pleasure, English or Western, trail or performance, Twin Rivers Ranch offers a well-rounded western pleasure horse for sale.

Attitude is paramount and our horses are carefully selected to assure a pleasant, willing disposition, sound confirmation, and a horse that is well put together for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our horses are imprinted at birth and handled lots and lots as weanlings. They are taught to be polite and respectful as they lead and stand tied. They are bathed, clipped, trailered and have their feet handled and trimmed on a regular basis. Then, as weanlings, they're turned out on hundreds of acres and the herd to learn how to be horses. With their mamas, they navigate diverse terrain, establish balance, cross water, are exposed to abundant wildlife and learn good old fashioned common sense

As two-year-olds, they are lightly started under saddle; learn basic skills such as yielding to pressure, turning on the haunch and forehand, side passing and backing. A pleasant relationship is developed between horse and rider.

At three years old, they have lots and lots of Montana trail rides added to their skill package and they are ready for placement in a home of their own.

Just like people, horses have strengths and weakness and diverse talents and abilities. At Twin Rivers Ranch, we carefully assess each horse for sale and encourage it to achieve its maximum potential.

Choosing a horse is much more than picking a favorite color. If we don't have the perfect horse to fit your needs, we have a large network of reputable resources. We are willing to provide other recommendations as you search for the Montana trail horse.

We encourage you set up an appointment to visit Twin Rivers Ranch. Talk with our knowledgeable staff and walk through our herd. Our horses are well maintained and are current on all vaccinations and worming. Their medical records and TWHBEA registration papers are available for review.

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