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Things to Do

Manhattan, Montana

Population 1,380. Manhattan proudly hosts a gas station, L & F Food Farm, great restaurants, hardware store, Little Apple Technologies, our post office, Big Sky Woodcarver’s Gallery, antique shop, senior center, AmeriMont Real Estate, wonderful schools, a medical center, dentist, and is home to Sir Scott’s Oasis--of one of the best little steak houses in the country! We welcome you to enjoy our wide-open spaces. Rural roadways offer stunning views of small family farms, wheat fields, sweeping mountain ranges and plenty of wildlife. Look north to the Horseshoe Hills that border the town, east to the Bridger Range, as far as the Absorokee Mountains, and south to the snowcapped Gallatin & Hyalite Ranges and the Spanish Peaks Wilderness. Our view to the west will capture the Tobacco Root Mountain Range. Special community events such as the Manhattan Potato Festival and the Manhattan Christmas Stroll celebrate the community’s heritage and rural lifestyle. The community proudly supports our school and their Manhattan Tigers athletes and boosters.

Lewis & Clark Caverns

Montana’s first and best-known state park features one of the largest known limestone caverns in the Northwest. Naturally air-conditioned, these spectacular caves, lined with stalactites, stalagmites, and columns date back through time. See the geologic development, the history of early exploration and gain an insight into the delicate ecology in this world without light. Enjoy a picnic lunch at the base of the caverns before or after your guided tour. It’s an easy half-day trip, but be prepared to walk to Lewis & Clark Cavern’s entrance along a long groomed trail with a gradual increase of elevation. While you vacation in Montana, this promises to be a great adventure that will be enjoyed by the entire family. Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Headwaters Of The Missouri

As you explore Montana’s history, follow the trail of the first known white men to set foot in our area. Interpreter and trapper T. Charbonneau and his Shoshoni wife, Sacagawea, accompanied Captain William Clark & Meriwether Lewis as they explored the three forks of the Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin Rivers as they merge to form the headwaters of the Missouri River in July of 1805. You can re-trace the footprints of history at this historic Montan State Park. It’s just a 20-minute drive from Twin Rivers Ranch along Montana’s scenic roadways.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, the Nation’s first, is just 90 miles to our north. Experience the earth’s action with geysers, mountain ranges, rivers, waterfalls, and ancient volcanoes. See evidence of more recent earthquake activity. Wildlife abounds; deer, elk, bison, bears, wolves, eagles, swans, big horn sheep and trout may all be seen along your journey. At Roosevelt, enjoy a guided horseback ride and cowboy camp dinner ride. The entire park, shared by Wyoming and Montana, can be toured in a full day’s trip as you vacation in Yellowstone Country.

Virginia City & Nevada City

The American West is filled with countless stories of the mining era boom towns, but few of those stories carry as much boom as Virginia City & Nevada City! Authentic western shops, saloons, player pianos, historic tours, museums, the Virginia City Players Vaudeville Theatre and the Alder Gulch Shortline Railroad make this trip great fun for the entire family.

Museum Of The Rockies

A visit to the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT is an unforgettable journey through the history of the Northern Rocky Mountain Region. Exhibits include an incredible dinosaur exhibit, headed up by renowned paleontologist, Jack Horner, artwork from the legendary Charles M. Russell, duplication of life in the old west and history of the Native American Indians as well as beautiful traveling displays.

Gallatin River Ranch

Looking for Montana ranch land for sale? Welcome home to the American dream, western style! This unique 5,900-acre residential ranch community encompasses 2 miles of riverfront along the celebrated East Gallatin River and West Gallatin River. View Twin Rivers Ranch in the Western Horseman. It offers incredible canyons and scenic ridge top views. For the horse enthusiast, the equestrian development offers top-of-the-line boarding and arena facilities. This is a western residential living at its best! Twin Rivers Ranch is located on the eastern border of Gallatin River Ranch. If you’re shopping for Montana real estate while in our area, be sure to contact the sales office and arrange a tour during your stay (406) 284-3200 or Visit Gallatin River Ranch on the web

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