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Fly Fishing In Montana

Located in the heart of southwestern Montana, Twin Rivers Ranch is not just another 'fish in the pond'! With both the East Gallatin River and West Gallatin River flowing through our Ranch, this stretch of water can please the beginner and challenge the most skilled fly fisherman! From the feisty rainbows darting through the riffles to the big (really BIG) browns lying in the holes, these waters are the best kept secret in Montana!

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The panoramic view of the majestic Rocky Mountains and gentle rolling foothills combined with the music of wildlife and melody of the water, makes for the experience of a lifetime. Our miles of meandering rivers, spring creeks, and streams are loaded with rainbow and brown trout of all sizes. During the summer months, trout are found feeding on a variety of adult insect life. Hatches of may flies, caddis flies, stone flies, and terrestrials occur throughout the summer offering the angler an opportunity to fish with a large variety of dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.

Mid-May through June: spring runoff highlights this period and we concentrate mostly on spring creeks and backwater, using nymph patterns and streamers. There is also opportunity for dry fly action. Pale Morning Duns and Midges are most abundant on cloudy days. The deer are bringing their fawns to the water's edge for their first drinks. Bald and golden eagles are soaring in our blue Montana skies, so bring along a camera; it's a must.

July is a prime time for dry flies: the famous salmon fly hatch is in full swing on most of the major rivers in the area. Mayflies, caddis, and stoneflies are abundant. Matching the hatch or using the larger attractor patterns provides opportunities to test your skills on trout of significant size. The days are hot and wet wading is a refreshing way to keep cool as you cast into the deep holes for the really big ones.

August: the trout are cruising the banks to feed on grasshoppers and beetles that fall into the water. Rainbows and Browns are ready to explode on 'hopper' patterns with a ferocity that will surely test your nerves. Floating or wading can offer very rewarding angling.

September through October: the crowds are gone, fishing is great, scenery is at its best, and wildlife is most abundant. Fishing streamers for trophy browns from a driftboat or walk-wading is an exciting adventure. Baetis hatches that occur on cloudy days are quite dependable and offer excellent dry fly angling. Terrestrials can be productive through most of September. Spawning season brings on the really big males that aggressively protect their territories and strike at anything that hits the water! On the water's edge, buck deer can be seen in the velvet and hunting season is just around the corner.

November through April is overlooked by many, but this is a great opportunity to fish Montana. Many waters remain open throughout the winter and can be comfortably fished wearing neoprene waders. Even though dry fly fishing is possible during the warmest days in the winter, nymph fishing is usually the most productive.

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