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Fishing License

A valid Montana fishing license (see license requirements table below) is required for all types of fishing on state waters. To fish in Montana, most anglers need two licenses: a Conservation License and a Fishing License see table below. You must have your fishing license in your possession while fishing.

We recommend you purchase your fishing license, hunting license(s) before you come: app.mt.gov/Als/Index

A Conservation License is needed before you can buy any fishing or hunting license that Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) issues. Conservation license applicants are required to provide their social security number in addition to the information usually requested. A valid driver's license or a valid photo ID is required to purchase a license.

A fishing license allows a person to fish for and possess any fish or aquatic invertebrate authorized by the state's fishing regulations. It is nontransferable and nonrefundable. The license enables one to fish from March 1 through the end of February of the following year.

Age Resident Nonresident
1-11 No license required. Must observe all limits and regulations. No license required IF accompanied by an adult who holds a valid Montana fishing license. The combined daily and possession limit for the two (or more) anglers cannot exceed the legal limit for one licensed angler. To catch his or her own legal limit, the youth must purchase a fishing license. See nonresident licenses 15-62+ years of age.
12-14 Conservation License Only
15-61 Conservation License ($8) + Fishing License ($5 for 2 consecutive days or $18 for season, $8 for season for anglers ages 15-17 years). Resident Sportsman and Youth Sportsman (12-17 years) licenses also include a season fishing license. Conservation License ($10) + Montana Fishing License ($15 for 2 consecutive days, $43.50 for 10 consecutive days or $60 for season).
62+ Conservation License Only

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